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Breaktime Boston - Breaktime Cafe launches the careers of young adults experiencing homelessness.

Nurturing Talent. Launching Careers.


Our Mission

Breaktime is a youth-led non-profit social enterprise that launches the careers of young adults experiencing homelessness through employment and empowerment. The Breaktime Family is made up of action-driven idealists who believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to work with dignity, nurture their unique talents, and fulfill their fullest potential. Breaktime is creating more than just job opportunities — we are building a community and culture of hope.


“I don’t know where I’d be today without Breaktime…It’s not just a job, it’s an actual career propellant that launches you forward to wherever you want to go.” 


Breaktime Cafe

Our Talent Hub and Launchpad

Brewing in 2020.

After a successful proof of concept, Breaktime is opening Boston’s first cafe to create living-wage transitional employment opportunities for young adults experiencing homelessness. In addition to serving fair-trade coffees and locally produced baked goods, the Breaktime Cafe will serve as a community talent hub. It will provide motivated youth with direct employment, offer supplemental vocational training, and facilitate one-on-one career mentorship. Breaktime Cafe belongs to our community and we vow to uphold the values of inclusion, sustainability, quality, and impeccable customer service.

From Serving Lattes to Launching Dreams, Let’s Do This Together.


Did You Know?

On any given night, more than 41,000 unaccompanied youth experience homelessness in the USA.

Stable employment is the most important factor and the most common barrier to achieving housing stability

Sources: United States Interagency Council on Homelessness & Yale Law Journal


Thank You to Our Sponsors and Supporters

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+ Hundreds of Individual Donors and More

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What is Your Dream?


Interested in working at Breaktime Cafe?


Get involved by volunteering your time to help change lives.


Join us and our mission. Every donation will go towards developing our talent hub, the Breaktime Cafe.

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