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A Coffee and Donut Shop with a Mission

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Our Mission

We strive to break the cycle of homelessness by providing stable employment, vocational training, and one-on-one career mentorship to young adults experiencing homelessness.

Kindness, Opportunity, Responsibility, and Inclusion are the core principles of Breaktime Cafe. In addition to providing top-quality, delicious products, we firmly believe that our communities are stronger when everybody has a fair opportunity to work and successfully launch their careers. Our team works relentlessly to provide quality, good-paying jobs to young adults facing systemic, unjust barriers to the workforce due to their housing status.

 Let us be your one-stop-shop for your events, office spaces, parties, and other catering needs in the Harvard Square area!

We thrive with the help of our sponsors and individuals like you.

If you are interested in helping bring Breaktime Cafe to life, please email for ways to get involved or make a direct contribution through our GoFundMe.


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