Breaktime began when our co-founders were volunteering at a local youth homeless shelter and spoke with guests about their days. Time after time these young people shared how difficult it was to find and maintain stable employment. Although they may not have had a job, many were so motivated to work that they spent time volunteering for other non-profits and advocating for themselves and their peers. Their persistence, selflessness, and unceasing hope became the spark for our organization.

Our specific niche is as a transitional employer, bridging the gap between foundational training programs and the rest of the workforce. Therefore, Breaktime builds off of the work of other non-profits by offering a ‘second-step’ stepping stone for young adults to continue refining their skills and building their confidence. We offer approximately one year of hands-on employment at a living wage as well as supplemental vocational training and one-on-one career mentorship. We believe that early intervention through meaningful employment is critical in preventing long-term chronic homelessness. When we invest in our youth and young adults and prepare them for successful careers in the 21st century, our whole community and society benefits.

Thank you so much for your support, and we’re excited to have you join us in our mission to end the cycle of homelessness! Follow our journey on this website as well as Instagram (@breaktimeboston), Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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Connor Schoen

Harvard University

Tony Shu

Harvard University


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