Breaktime Cafe

Brewing in 2020

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Serving cold brews and cappuccinos within a community and culture of hope.

Breaktime Cafe is a non-profit cafe that is deeply-rooted in our community. We are elevating the cafe experience through our commitment to the highest quality, sustainably sourced products, an innovative employment model, and a uniquely inclusive community space. Whether you order a smooth, fair-trade espresso on your way to work or choose to sip on a comforting cup of chamomile tea while reading your favorite novel, Breaktime Cafe welcomes you. Whether you select several hearty sandwiches made with freshly baked crusty bread to share amongst your friends or choose a buttery croissant to savor all on your own, Breaktime Cafe welcomes you. Whether you come to catch up with old friends or to make new ones, Breaktime Cafe welcomes you.

Breaktime Cafe is committed to launching the careers of young adults experiencing homelessness through our innovative supported transitional employment program. We believe in unlocking potential, nurturing talents, and realizing dreams. Our employees develop a deep appreciation for the beauty and artistry of the coffee-making process and a dedication to outstanding hospitality and professional customer service. We collaborate with dozens of other non-profit service providers in Boston in supporting our employees to receive the comprehensive support and opportunity they need to become financially independent and positive contributors to our community.

Breaktime Cafe won in the 2018 Harvard College Innovation Challenge and the 2018 Harvard Innovation and Ventures in Education Competition. Breaktime Cafe has been featured in the Boston Globe, NBC, Boston 25 News, Eater, and more.

Brewing in 2020