$21 in honor of Connor’s 21st brirthday


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In honor of Connor's 21st birthday, please consider donating $21 to Breaktime to change the lives of young adults experiencing homelessness. You can donate at www.breaktime.us/donate.

Our Sponsors

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Harvard Kennedy School Social Innovation and Change Initiative

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Forest Foundation

Harvard CBE (Consulting for Business and the Environment)

Lynn and Kevin Schoen

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Harvard Innovation and Ventures in Education Competition (Harvard Graduate School of Education)


Harnisch Foundation, Arthur Segel, Guoping Shu, Peter Bryant, The Kanji Family, Chris Lang, Ross Family, Sandra Robichaud, Anuja Matthew, Devin Nash, Laurie Brown, Karen Henderson, Avivit Dolgin, Andrew Hampshire, Jennifer Davis, Anne Teja, Marty Wagner, Jeanne Pinado, Harry Sherman, Loconto Family, Mike Kelly, Lyndia Downie, Tom Poor, Jessie Chai, Nancy Orlando, Anonymous Donors


Let’s Share This Journey Together. Welcome to the Family!

Meet Erica! She’s one of our first employees who we helped place at an even higher-paying job after Breaktime.