Now Hiring!

Catering pic.png

Breaktime is now hiring for a new catering position! As we continue to work towards creating more full-time employment opportunities, we are excited to announce a position for those looking for flexible, part time work.

This position involves tracking deliveries, bringing delivered items to events in Harvard Square, and working with our clients to set up food for their event. Together, our team coordinates customers’ orders with our local food partners.

We are looking for passionate, driven individuals who are interested in part-time, flexible employment. We will be paying $15/hour, and we will be leveraging our career mentor network alongside our corporate partnerships to provide meaningful career mentorship in addition to on-the-job experience.

If you are interested, please apply in the “Personal Application” subtab of the “Jobs” tab. If you would like to refer someone for this position, please do so in the “Employment Referral” subtab of the “Jobs” tab.

We look forward to hearing from you!