Service Agreement


Breaktime, LLC works with trusted food providers, all of whom have the appropriate liability insurance and licensing for these types of services. While Breaktime is physically delivering and setting up the food displays, we are not actually cooking/baking these products. Thus, questions about the quality of a particular product can be directed towards the original producer, along with the liability associated with this. Breaktime is not responsible for any illnesses, choking, injury, death, or other harm assumed to be caused by the food provided. We are not liable for these incredibly rare events because we are not the original producers of the food. The client (your organization) will assume responsibility of checking to make sure all food is fine and following up with any issues that your members/guests mention associated with the quality of the food. By checking the box in the event and office services order form, you (the client) are agreeing to accept the risks of potential food hazards that can occur (albeit seldom). You (the client) assume full legal liability for these occurrences.

Order changes

Final orders must be confirmed 7 days or more before the date of the event listed in your order form. Orders made or adapted after this time can be charged an extra fee or rejected. This includes cancellation of an order: If an order is cancelled, this must be done 7 or more days in advance for full refund or 3-6 days in advance for 50% refund. Orders cancelled 0-2 days from the event may not be refunded. You (the client) agree to make all changes/cancellations more than 7 days in advance or else Breaktime is permitted to deny your order/order changes and charge you in full for late cancellation.


Breaktime will invoice you (the client) for your (the client’s) order or notify you (the client) in some other way. Breaktime will charge you based on the agreed upon pricing/fees. Breaktime expects full payment within 24 hours of the event. If payment is not submitted by then, Breaktime can charge up to 5% interest compounded weekly for days late in the payment.

If your (the client’s) order is filled incorrectly (per the finalized agreement of the order 7 or more days before the event), Breaktime will give you a refund in the listed value of the products that are missing from your order, if notified within 24 hours of the listed time of the event. If Breaktime is not notified of such order discrepancies within 24 hours or if you (the client) do not have proper grounds/evidence that items are missing, then Breaktime will not be responsible for giving a refund for any items.