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If you are interested in ways to support Breaktime besides becoming a career mentor, please email us at

Change a life by being a one-on-one mentor to a Breaktime employee. In this position, you'll meet once every other week with your match to help them with everything from creating a resume to finding people in companies they want to work for to advising them on their career goals. This low-time-commitment, simple, direct opportunity to serve one of our hard-working employees is an incredible way to help them advance and reach a sustainable, secure life track.

Breaktime takes referrals from trusted partners as well as personal applications from anyone who is interested. If this is a referral, please answer as much of this form as possible with what you know about the person you're referring.
If you are making a referral on behalf of another applicant, please include your name, email, phone number, and what organization you represent. Also, please explain your reason for making this referral.
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This is important for specific requests by our employees to be mentored by someone of a certain age, the same minority group, etc. Please share as much as you feel comfortable sharing.
Consistence and commitment are really important to creating a good relationship. Please be honest here. The space below provides you with an opportunity to elaborate on your answer to this question.
Please elaborate on your answer to the last question. Specifically, address any potential obstacles to in-person meetings or any concerns you have about this commitment. It is a low time commitment, but--again--consistency is very important here.